Ember and Oliver



Ember and Oliver's F1 Goldendoodles

There are 6 males and 6 Females

These puppies were born October 28th! We expect them to weigh 45-55 lbs.  These puppies will be gentle, sweet, social and extremely smart. They may go through a phase of being shy but will come out of it with continued socialization. They will enjoy some physical activities such as fetch, carrying around toys, playing with their friends, and some may love to swim. They enjoy rustling in leaves in the fall and pouncing in cold wet snow in the winter. They will excel in their training classes, definitely showing their peers up! They really enjoy meeting new people and exploring new places. Both parents are friendly, sweet and outgoing. Dad is hyper meeting new people then slowly settles, and mom is a toy lover! She is very low energy but will chase a ball or stick when appropriate. I am naturally very silly and will sing and make strange noises as I go about my business so these little sweethearts won't be phased by that sort of thing. They will be extremely wavy to curly and shouldn't shed more than a few hairs here and there.     

There are 2 females available

Puppies are 2400 each

Red Collar Girl Available                "Winnie"                       

This cautious little darling is cuddly, devoted and calm. Winnie is playful, curious and brilliant. Once she warms up to you she shows you her cute, fun personality. Although a bit shy at first, she is super exuberant when romping with her siblings. Spoiling with toys (or something as simple as a washcloth) is one way to get this little girl to stick by your side, or at your feet as she may prefer at first.

Yellow Collar Girl Available          "Aubrey"

This quiet girl takes a minute to warm up to new people but once she does she's affectionate, charming and very loving. She prefers to be next to you as opposed to on top of you but that will change as she gets to know and fall in love with you. Aubrey is highly intelligent and requires some gentle coaxing to come out of her shell. She loves her treats and her belly is definitely the way to her heart. She loves playing with her siblings and toys but is a pretty calm girl overall. 

Light Blue Colar Boy

Willian Teddy O'brien

Reserved for Marti Deposit Received

This boy is bubbly, amusing and cheerful. He is agreeable and confident. He likes his belly rubbed and to be held but he also will be content playing with his toys. He loves to be entertained and enjoys lots of attention. He won't mind being in the community amongst children or having other dogs around. He can be quite calm or he can be the quirky star of the show depending on his mood.

Dark Purple Collar Girl


Reserved for Vicki and Bob Deposit Received

Bonnie is a beautiful, affectionate, calm girl with a go with the flow eager to please personality. She likes to play but also can't resist a good snuggle. She is attuned to her humans and can be found gazing lovingly into our eyes often. She has an endearing nature and is always up for some fun or loving attention, whatever you're in the mood for she is too. 

Light Pink Collar Girl     Abby


Reserved for Tracy and Simon Deposit Received

Abby is a well rounded, friendly, trusting soul. She enjoys being held and sweetly looking into our eyes as well as tumbling around roughly with her siblings. She has a bubbly, accepting, fun loving personality and will work for attention. She is super smart and entertaining. She will add a lot of amusement and fun to her family and will be a  loyal loving companion. 

Light Purple Collar Girl                    Holly

Reserved for Darcy Paid In Full

Holly is tiny but mighty. She has a sweet, trusting endearing personality. She is feisty, goofy and always wants to be with or on top of her humans. She loves kids and is docile and easygoing until she gets riled up. Although she's small she doesn't have little dog syndrome and is very gentle when she plays with her siblings, children and toys. 

Dark Pink Collar Girl                                       

Reserved for Theresa and Jason Deposit +200 received

This little cutie is adventurous, bold and delightful. She can play and snuggle with the best of them. She is excitable and intelligent. Her curious, bubbly nature provides lots of entertainment and amusement. She's well rounded and easygoing. She does well with excitement but also needs her downtime to snuggle.

Light Green Collar Boy

Reserved for Brenda Deposit Received

Dark Blue Collar Boy                       Alphonse

Reserved for Landon Deposit Received

Alphonse is a friendly, jubilant, fun puppy. He is the biggest in the litter but he's no bully. He's full of playful giddiness and comforting snuggles. He will be a great companion and will enjoy meeting many new people whenever the opportunity arises. He's very outgoing and will quickly become the life of any party.

Gray Collar   

                                                      Atticus Jamison Davis

Reserved for Brett and Christina Deposit Received

Atticus is a sweet, upbeat, joyful little guy. He loves to snuggle and also chase his friends and toys around. He's curious, intelligent and very friendly. He enjoys snuggling with his family but will also enthusiastically frolick with his friends. He has a calm happy disposition and will bring lots of love and joy to his new family.

Orange Collar Boy                                 Milo                          

Reserved for Patricia F. Deposit + 100 Received

This little guy is silly and very sweet. He has a mellow playful disposition and a friendly adventurous personality. He can get comfortable just about anywhere and will nap in your lap. He is lovable and affectionate and very trusting. He will be adored for his good nature and will be happy to snuggle with all who need cuddles. 

Dark Green Collar Boy                         Finn

Reserved for Jake and Elizabeth Deposit Received

This handsome boy has a mellow, peaceful calmness about him. He enjoys snuggling and also adventuring. Finn will be happy to play fetch, go out in nature or just curl up on the couch for some well deserved snoozing. He is very much a go with the flow type of pup and will be happy to follow your lead. He enjoys attention and will be happy to meet new people and experience new things.

Our first real photoshoot will be done once the puppies open their eyes. Videos will be changed and added to as the puppies grow and become more lively.

Past Puppies